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Dorothy “Dot” Suhor - Obituary Page - July 31, 2015


August 30, 1923 - July 31, 2015

Dot Suhor

by Bobby Suhor

  I was a very lucky son to be brought into this world by my Mom. She was an amazing woman. She never wanted for anything, but gave to all! Anyone who knew my Mom became part of our family automatically. She was willing to let anyone stay with us and would never turn anyone away.
  She didn’t always agree with my decisions, but gave me her loving opinion as all Moms want to do. During the past couple of weeks since she has passed, it has been hard for me to be at home without her. Angel has moved things around to make it a little bit easier for me. But I still keep walking into her room every night, and still can’t believe she’s not there.
  Throughout my lifetime, my Mom has always pushed to help make me into a better person. She was so kind, it was even her advice to never let someone know they might have made you mad. My smile has always kept me strong whether I’m hurt or just down, so I have learned how good it is to keep your smile. Dot would want all of you to remember that.
  To my friends, I thank you for your support, knowing no matter what or where I’m at, someone is there with me. For sure I know that my Mom is definitely watching over us all!
  Thanks to all for being in my Mom’s life. To all Love is just a four letter word, but to be loved you only had to have known my Mom.

Love and Prayers to All,

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