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Letter from Bobby - March 26

To All,
On Good Friday morning Bob Sr., my Dad, Died at 3 o'clock AM.
Not very many people knew my Dad that well, but being my Dad he was that special person. A lot of his friends that saw him in the last couple of weeks got to see a man of courage, and a very big Heart! In just 4 weeks to the day of being diagnosed with Lung cancer my Dad passed away. He was strong and never once told me that he was in any pain. I asked my Dad if there was anything in his life that he didn't get to do and he looked up at me and said "Nope - I can't say there was".
My brother Joe and his wife Judy came in last weekend for the Irish Italian parade an spent lots of time with him and He really enjoyed their company. When I went by my Dad’s house on Thursday he was sitting in the TV room and gasping for air, so I got him in the recliner and asked him if that helped and said just a little. We called the Doctor an were told to bring him in to see what might be wrong, He looked at me and said "I'm not going to die in the car driving to the hospital", so we called an ambulance. When the Doctors came into the Emergency Room to check his breathing you could tell he was in great pain but he never said anything. That afternoon around 7 o'clock my Dad was brought up to I C U at East Jefferson and we got to stay with him for a little while, little did I know that was the last time that my Dad would hear me tell him that I Loved him. At 3:05 Good Friday morning I got the call that no one wants to ever get!
All the prayers that were said for my Dad were and are still are appreciated, but my Dad knew that his time on earth was soon coming to an end.
This Sunday’s newspaper will have the times for visitation here in Metairie and in Mississippi. I will also see if we can get them on the family site Well for now spend that extra minute with your Family and Friends this Easter and never forget to tell them all that you Love them.
Always In My Prayers,


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