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In Loving Memory...
dedicated to our loved ones who are watching over us from heaven...

Greg “Stephan” Suhor. age 38, passed away June 21, 1999.

My brother Greg (aka "Stephan") died violently in the French Quarter in June of 1999. He did not reach the age of 40. We miss him very much, to say the least. Stephan's birthday is coming up on November 19th. In my family, some of us celebrate the birthdays of our loved ones who have passed. We remember the good times and we smile. Stephan was an avid Queen fan, a writer, and had a bohemian spirit. His eyes were the sparkliest green. He could clean a house like nobody's business. And he mixed some mean music tapes. He was gay, too. Is that okay to say? Well, Stephan was okay with it. So be it. Our dad is proud to be the father of an openly gay son. My step-mother is an activist in the gay rights movement. I am proud to be Stephan's sister. Well, anyway. I am thinking of Stephan this month. I wanted you all to know how special he is to us. I am sure his picture is on the website. Happy Birthday Stephan...

 - - With Great Love, DJ Suhor, Charles Suhor's 7th-born daughter (mother of Shane and law student), born in New Orleans and living in Orlando, Florida.

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