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Bywater Neighborhood

Bywater (in blue) is the New Orleans neighborhood where our family founder in America, Antun, and wife Jeanne made their home. Anthony, John Sr., Leonie, Joseph, and Frances Suhor were born here.

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Zoomed Map of House Locations

Letter Keys mark the locations in Bywater where Antun and Jeanne lived. (Note: The letter “E” is not shown on the zoomed map.)

Stallings Center is a NORD (New Orleans Recreational Department) playground & gym located in the block N. Rampart, Lesseps, St. Claude and Poland. On Poland from St. Claude to N. Rampart being the Old 5'th District Police Station (now an annex for the fire department). The Fire Station and a horse stable for the police department (now sorely in need of repair / renovation IF still usable).

St. Cecilia Catholic Church and School is located in the block Lesseps, N. Rampart, France and St. Claude. On St. Claude residential properties and small businesses with "Shorty's business across the street. The school is facing Lesseps. The Church entrance is on N. Rampart beside France and the Rectory adjoining the church on France. And the interior of the property is a playground for the smaller children with the larger children using Stallings Center.

Click on any thumbnail to enlarge and  description:

1023 Mazant St.

1124 Lesseps St

1127 France St.

1305 1/2 France St.

937 Mazant St.

With respect to the houses:

1124 Lesseps St. midway between St. Claude and Marais on the Uptown side.

1125/27 France St. on the corner of France and Marais Downtown side.

1305 1/2 France St. between (nearer to) Urquhart and N. Villere Downtown side.

937 Mazant St. between Burgundy and (nearer to) N. Rampart Downtown side.

1023 Mazant St. between midway between N. Rampart and St. Claude Downtown side.

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