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(Note: “?”’s below indicate “unreadable”


Immigrant Ships
Transcribers Guild

Bark Theodor Korner

Bremen, Germany to New Orleans, Louisiana
9 June 1836


  • I, J. C. Wi?manns, Master or Commander of the Bark Theodor Korner, do solemnly, sincerely and truly swear, that the within list, signed by me and now delivered to the Collector of this District, contains the names of all the Passengers taken on board the said Bark at the Port of Bremen or at any time since, and that all matters therein set forth are, according to the best of my knowledge and belief, just and true. I do further swear, that one child of the said Passengers have died on the voyage. (Signed) J. Chr. Wi?manns. Sworn before me, this 9th day of June 1836, (unsigned) Collector.
  • List of all Passengers taken on board the Bark Theodor Korner whereof J. C. Wi?manns is Master, at the Port of Bremen and bound for New-Orleans.
  • Columns represent: name, age, sex, occupation, country to which they belong.*

  1* ?       Dabelstein       26          merchant  Hamburg
  2  ?                         26          wife           
  3  ?                         ?          child
  4* ?       Gierke           26  male              Bremen
  5* ?       Ebmeyer          26  male    farmer    Minden
  6* H. B.   Piper            38          farmer
  7  ?                         28          wife 
  8  ?                       1y6m          child
  9* C. A.   ?a???shmann      30  male    farmer
 10  H.      Schulte          30  male    farmer
 11* ?.      ??y?f            30          farmer
 12  ?                         29          wife
 13  ?                         20          sister
 14  ?                         18          sister
 15* H.      Ding??           29  male    farmer
 16* G.      Fr??             29  male    farmer
 17* ?.      ????meier        30  male    farmer
 18* ?.      ?i?ge?           26  female  farmer
 19* ?.      ?al?mann         21  male
20* S.       Suh?            25 female
 21  L.      Schmidt          26  male
 22  F. W.   Ruhenpohl
 23* E. H.   Mester           3?  male
 24* F.      Sch??e?meyer     26  male
 25* L.      M????            34  male
 26* C.      S????            34  male
 27* ?. ?.   Wei?             32  male
 28* W.      P??cker          32
 29  ?.      P??cker          26          wife
 30* ?.      Schaefer         32
 31  C.      Schwab           30
 32  M.      Engelhart        28
 33  J.      Remmers          28
 34* ?.      Ka??fhoper       30
 35  E.      Nordak           26

Transcriber's Notes:

The captain's name could be Witmanns or Wilmanns.
The final column was only filled out for the first three passengers, and it was not clear that the rest of the passengers were from those places, or even which of the first three were from those places.

* Note states: One child died on the passage.

  #1-3 no names recorded for #2-3; note states "wife & child".
  #4 no first name recorded.
  #5 no first name recorded.
  #6-8 no names recorded for #7-8; note states "wife & child".
  #9 surname looks like Sammshmann.
  #11-14 surname looks like Brylif or Kryhf or Krylif, but not at all certain.
  No names recorded for #12-14; note states "wife & 2 sisters".
  #15 surname looks like Dingh or Dingler perhaps.
  #16 surname could be Freh or Frick, but uncertain.
  #17 surname something like Stusmeier or Stiesmeier or Stusmann or Stiesmann; first initial could be H or N perhaps.
  #18 surname something like Finges or Tinger or Furges or variation; first initial could be J.
  #19 no first name; surname could be Hallmann or Hollmann perhaps.
#20 surname possibly Suhr or Suhor perhaps.
#23 age possibly 30.
  #24 surname looks like Sheazelmeyer or Shazelmeyer or Steazelmeyer.
  #25 surname could be Meier or Muss.
  #26 surname area damaged; looks like Serier or Sceine or Scrihr.
  #27 surname probably Weiss, poss. Wein; 2nd initial could be W.
  #28-29 surname looks like Plucker or Phicker; no initial for #29.
  #30 initial could be L or S.
  #34 surname looks like Kanfhoper or Kaiefhoper; initial possibly J.

  • National Archives and Records Administration, Film M259, Reel 14.
  • Contributed and Transcribed by Mary Koelzera member of the
    Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
    4 October 2000


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