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John Suhor Family Tree

Robert Gerard Suhor
(Son of
John and Loretta)

Bob needs your prayers. Click here for more.

Happy New Year’s in 2003 from the Suhors at Bobby’s in Metairie

Back row: Loretta, Robert Gerard Sr. and Clara
Bottom row: Bridget, Christine, Trey, Angel and Dot


Hello All. Well it's bin a while.
The one thing that I thought that I wouldn't be doing is writing this letter. Two weeks ago tomorrow We found out that my Dad has lung cancer. It's massive in his right lung, and his left  lungs is also bad and has spread into his lymph nods. I would ask that you put him in your Prayers for now, as he is on Oxygen since he left the hospital on Tuesday. My Dad is very strong and his pride is there for him to say that something was hurting. It would be a miracle in it's self for those words to come for Him. Last year after he had hip surgery in November he lost a great deal of weight and has bin weak and bin struggling since then.
I am one to tell you that I put my faith always in the Lord and he will guide us on his path. I am very proud that he gave me a great man to call my Dad.
We are getting the results of the test that they did on Tuesday and I will keep all posted probably on the family web page  as we get the results. My Mom and my Step Mom Clara stay in touch as they have always done and both know that they can lean on each other for support. Thank to all that have called, Clara. It helps her stay focused  and she can tell all what is happening with my Dad in the Suhor house hold.
Well, till I know more check the Family page an will be in touch if something major develops.
As Always all are in My Prayer,



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