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Anthony Suhor Family Tree

Monica Leigh Duffy Campo
(Daughter of Jane Frances Suhor and Peter Duffy
Granddaughter of
Anthony and Marie

Justyne, age 10, uses Suhor Family Website for School Project, Gets “A” daughter Justyne received a 100/A on her report and project based on Suhor Family History. She made two model homes- one was Antun's first home on Rampart St. and the other was a home from the village in Croatia. She did a wonderful job and made our family proud.”

Justyne’s Historical Suhor Family Project

The Campo Family:
Brandon, Angeline, Harold, Monica & Justyne

Hi Bobby,

How are you? I hope all is fine there.

I have enclosed Justyne's photos of her Social Studies project. She continues to ask me about them - so now I have finally sent them to you. I have also enclosed a small family photo of us in Disneyworld (Summer 2002). It is the most recent family photo we have.

I haven't had any takers to assist with the Family Reunion so if you have any suggestions let me know.

Monica Campo (Jane Suhor Duffy's daughter)

PS: Should I have some sort of password for the site? Special E-mail?



Actually, you are correct. The “password” you mention is the one given out to access the private Family Directory of phone numbers, email and address info. The special email is a custom email you can give anyone that automatically forwards to your regular email address. We just gave you (Capital or lower case letters don’t matter for email).  Try it - it works right now.
Thanks for sending us some pics for your family page and to Justyne for making me even more proud of our family website.

 - Warmest Regards, Bobby

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