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November 29, 1961 - September 27, 2018

Beloved daughter of Charles Suhor and wife of Simon Needham...

Yvonne Suhor, Art's Sake Founder and 'Young Riders' Star...
by Matthew J. Palm - Contact Reporter - Orlando Sentinel Arts Writer

Yvonne Suhor, who helped train countless local actors at her Art’s Sake Film Acting Studio in Winter Park, died Thursday. She had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 10 months ago, said her husband, actor Simon Needham.

Suhor’s passing came as a surprise to many — she had not wanted her illness to be known publicly, wrote her brother, Michael, as he paid tribute to his sister online. Suhor, who worked in television, film and theater, was 56.

“She was a vibrant, spirited soul who fiercely and compassionately guided so many performers to elevate their craft on stage, on screen, and as human beings,” actor Rob Ward wrote on Facebook. “I learned more in one semester as her teacher’s assistant and student than in all my other acting classes combined.”.

Suhor was fondly remembered for her starring role for three seasons on ABC’s “The Young Riders” — a 1989-92 Western about the Pony Express. The large ensemble cast included Anthony Zerbe, Stephen Baldwin and Josh Brolin. Suhor’s character, “Lou”, disguised herself as a man to join the Pony Express riders and later shared a romance with The Kid, played by Ty Miller.

excerpted from The Orlando Sentinel, Sept 28th, 2018

(Read the full article: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/entertainment/arts-and-theater/the-artistic-type/os-et-yvonne-suhor-arts-sake-young-riders-obituary-20180928-story.html)

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May 16, 2011

Charles Suhor has found additional genealogy material clarifying Antun Suhor’s family history. Charles writes:

“I had a short trial period on ancestry.com and found a curious page--a census page of La, or the U.S., maybe. It listed Antun or maybe it was Anthony Suhor, born December 1862 and gave his age as 37, which would be a census of 1899 or 2000. So far, so good. New stuff-- the year of immigration was given as 1880. That would have made him 18 years old when he immigrated--a few years after the story I had heard (14 years old). I'm wondering if he might have landed in 1880 in California, to stay with the Splivalo's, his mother's famous sailing family and get his start as a seaman there... continued here

See our Charles Suhor page on this site for more of the story...

January 5, 2011

Hello to All

I am happy to announce that I have set up a Facebook page for the Suhor Family. I hope many of you can interact through Facebook (see link in left margin), but can use the link on there to come back here and see the family history and genealogy that I sponsored to be built back in the early 2000’s.

This site was built based on the famous “Black Book” of family history, genealogy and photos, that was made by Mary Lou and Charles Suhor.

I will look forward to seeing many of you on Facebook. Our old Family Talk page can be found here. Our site’s obituary page is here.

All are in My Prayers,

August 29, 2006:
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Bobby has been allowed into distressed areas and helping human as well as animal victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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Painting of the UNDERWRITER by Antun Suhor, circa 1900.
One of three ships that would shuttle Bar Pilots down the Mississippi to the Gulf.
Click on picture above to see the live Rivercam of today.

A Special Message from Charles Suhor:
November 14th, 2005

Hi, fellow descendants of Antun—

I hope that this message of remembrance finds all of you in a sate of wellness and, for the Orleanians, in a state of recovery.

This Monday, November 14, is the 100th anniversary of the death in 1905 of the family partriarch, Antun. You’ll recall that he died of a heart attack on board a steamship that he was to have guided up from the Gulf of Mexico and through one of the treacherous passes that lead to the mouth of the Mississippi River near Pilottown and Venice, La. Antun was
42 years old and would have been 43 on December 30.

On Monday, let’s try to remember our Antun, who, with Jeanne Hondareyte Suhor, started the lineage in America of which we’re a part. This is not to forget the other sides of our families, of course. Each mother and father, grandmother and grandfather, has a deep story of struggle and caring. It seems that Antun captured our imagination because we knew so little about him and he emerged as a larger-than-life figure as we learned of his Croatian heritage, his adventuring spirit, and his untimely death. It's a fine American story, the stuff that legends are made of.

With gratitude as one of your kin,

Charles Suhor

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“Ol' man river, that ol' man river
He must know somethin'
But he don't say nothin',
He just keeps rollin'... He keeps on rollin' along.”

“I am pleased to present the Suhor Family History for the internet. This web site is a work in progress. Just like many of your lives that are far from unfinished, there is more to follow.

 This site owes gratitude to Al Suhor’s three years of focused research as distributed to the family in the famous black binder. This research was aided by many family members, in particular by Charles Suhor. Gerard Roth deserves mention for his contributions as well. We invite all family members to help us update their respective histories” - Bobby Suhor

Overseas Suhor Family Website
Shows lots of old pictures - some are direct ancestors!

More “Lost” Suhor Scrapbook Photos
Really old black & white pictures of our parents and grandparents, etc.

The Secrets of Nakovana Cave
An Archaeological Excavation
sponsored by the Royal Ontario Museum
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